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Hey kasimir was farming levels by killing noobs... is this allowed? he basically gets free hearts and extra damage by doing nothing.
when are the kits for god coming?
ts anyone?
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When I saw this plugin I instantly wanted to add it to the server because I know I am pretty lazy and hate doing /f map to find another faction when searching for a good raid and I figured pfft there has to to be other lazy people out there (LOL DUH) so I picked this plugin up for everyone!

Okay the plugin is very simple to use you simply do /map in game (Only avaible to Member ranks and up! Sorry Guests, take the time to signup on our website and add your MC Character through your "My Characters" tab at the top right hand corner and then you can enjoy this awesome freakin' plugin!) and a map will be put in your inventory. From there you will be able to choose "Factions" in the map by right clicking (some times it doesn't work so simply log in and out and it will be fine). Press shift with the map in hand to close our of the Factions Map, why would you do that though?!

Right click = Zoom in

Left click = Zoom out

Alright time to explaint he LEGEND of the map:

  • Dark Blue = Safezone
  • Dark Red = Warzone
  • Bright Red = Enemy
  • Dark Green = Your Land
  • Bright Green = Ally
  • Dark Grey = Nuetral
  • Light Grey = Wilderness

Simple as that guys, hope you enjoy!


Battle Levels & EXP Bank

EqlipseD Owner posted Mon at 20:50

Some of you may have noticed that there is a little [Level X] next to your name and this little update is going explain to you what it is!

Battle Levels adds some really awesome perks to PVPing and will really encourage more PVP action within the communtiy so it isn't always dull!

Here are some of the perks it adds:

Killstreak based extra points when someones kills someone else.

  • 0.05 Extra Points per kill added to your Kill Streak. (Level up faster)

Extra damage based on level system.

  • 0.01 Extra Damage per level. Max Extra Damage 2.0.

Extra hearts based on level system.

  • 0.2 Extra Hearts per level. Max Extra Hearts 4.0

Lose points or levels when someone kills you.

You can check your status for Battle Levels by doing /level or /status.

With this plugin I can make Level based PVP systems as well so higher levels can compete against each other without dealing with lower levels and such, that will be at a later date though so stay tuned for that!

ALSO! We added in a pretty requested plugin, an EXP Bank! It is pretty self explanatory so I will just list the plugins below.

1. ExpOn - Gives all players the ability to save Xp to the bank/Xp bottles.
2. ExpOff - Removes all players ability to save Xp. This does not prevent players from removing Xp from the bank.
3. ExpDeposit - This will bring up a series of chat prompts that will guide the player in depositing Xp to the bank or Xp bottles.
4. ExpWithdrawal - This will bring up a series of chat prompts that will guide the player through withdrawing Xp from the bank.

I would stay clear of the bottles option, it is confusing and is glitchy so yeah just do the bank!


I hope you guys enjoy the plugin and love the progress of the server because there is so much more great stuff to come!


Etzuse Premium Hey kasimir was farming levels by killing noobs... is this allowed? he basically gets free hearts and extra damage by do ...

Just a few things...

EqlipseD Owner posted Mar 17, 15

Hey people! EqlipseD here with an update and some guides for you guys.

On Sunday, March 22nd we will be having a mini-event and DP on the Factions server along with a small DP on the MineZ server (really depends on the amount of players on at the time that I do it, and no I have no idea when I will be doing it just yet because my family might want to do something with on that day at some point so yeah I will announce it as soon as I know a specific time!) to celebrate my 25th birthday! YAY. Not really though.... But yeah I plan on doing something with you awesome people! There will also be a 50% donation sale that will start Friday, March 20th and it will last until Sunday night! Maybe Mike will actually be able to get something for his birthday? =/

Here are the updates for the OP Faction server:
Alright so not many of you guys know this since I just added it in yesterday but we have a new plugin on our server that makes leader boards for certain things on the server. Currently it shows the Most members in a Factions, Most land claimed by a Faction, Faction with the highest power, Top balances, Top PVE (mob kills), and Top PVP (player kills) on the server. It will get better as we start to add in more plugins to keep the game play immersive and interesting so keep a look out for that. To be able to see these ranks simply do /warp leaderboard and it will warp you to the are it is located at in spawn.

Here are the updates for the MineZ server:
Yesterday I setup the barracks area! Yeah I know it is about time I did it, so yeah there are 18 rooms available. They cost $5,000 for days. There are 2 double chests in each barrack area so there is plenty of safe storage for your items. I will be looking into adding in a jet pack plugin in the next few days and another plugin that will incorporate an airdrop like feature that will announce the coords where it will be dropped and it will have 1 chest with 1 item in it that can be sold by doing /sell hand and will give maybe $2,000 in-game currency or more, I still have to work out the details.

Okay done with the updates and news so lets get to those guides!

>Here are some of the guides for the OP Factions server<

Some of you have been asking me about Faction Mobs so I figured I should actually put up a guide since waiting for the announcement to pop up to show the types of mobs that can be spawned is really time consuming so yeah here we go!

Factions Mobs Basics:

There are 4 mob types:

-Sword wielding
 -Base class: Skeleton with sword
-Bow wielding
 -Base class: Skeleton with bow
-Potion throwing
 -Base class: Witch
- Base class: Iron Golem

You can order your mobs around to do specific tasks. First you have to select the mob you wish to order by right clicking them with your first and then do the command /fm order (gohome, follow, stop, patrolHere, wander, setHome, tpHome, and tpHere.

Here are the stats and the Power costs for each mob:

maxHp: 20
power cost: 1.0
maxHp: 20
power cost: 3.0
maxHp: 20
maxHp: 40
power cost: 5.0

All the types do base damages (same as vanilla mobs).

On to the next guide! The much loved and totally not understood custom enchantment plugin!

All enchantments can get gotten from an enchantment table by either enchanting a book, weapon, or armor piece.

Here are the custom enchantments:

  • Auto-Speed I-II - Gives Speed I-II potion effects while wearing/holding item.
  • Unstable I-III - A bad enchant that rarely appears; Decays durability slowly.
  • Nightvision I - Gives Nightvision I potion effect while wearing/holding item.
  • Venom I-III - Poisons an enemy when hitting it with the enchant.
  • Auto-Smelting I - Smelts down iron and gold; Stacks with fortune.
  • Regain I - Regains durability when mining same type of ore the pickaxe is made out of.
  • Rejuvination I-III - Regains durability slowly while holding/wearing item.
  • Waterbreathing I - Gives Waterbreathing I potion effect while wearing/holding item.
  • Reinforced I-III - Instantly mines all ores. (higher the enchant level, less durability it uses).
  • Slowness I-III - Slows down an enemy when hitting it with the enchant.
  • Heavy I-III - Slows you down and adds mining fatigue whilst holding/wearing
  • Regeneration I-III - When you heal half a heart with full food, adds extra chance to heal a full heart (more armor with that enchant stacks and gives more chances)
  • Auto-Jump I-II - Gives Jumping I-II potion effects while wearing/holding item.
  • Quake I - Quakes the ground around you and sends mobs and people flying away
  • Excavation I-II - Digs a 3x3(3x3x2 if level 2) area. Applicable to shovels ,axes and pickaxes. (fortune, auto-smelt ,reinforced and other enchants stack up).
  • Blindness I-III - Blinds an enemy when hitting it with the enchant.
  • Withering I-III - Withers an enemy when hitting it with the enchant.
  • Life Leech I-II - Can leech some health off of an enemy when hitting him
  • Poison Arrows I-III - Same as Venom ,for bows
  • Withered Arrows I-III - Same as Withering ,for bows
    Flashing Arrows I-III - Same as Blindness ,for bows
  • Soulbound I - When you die ,you will still have the item with this enchant. 
  • Ice Aspect I-II - can freeze someone in place for a short amount of time.
  • Lucky I-II - Gives more XP when killing any living entity (except players)
  • Beheading I-III - Has a progressively higher chance to behead skeletons, creepers, zombies and players.

These enchants can only be obtained when using an enchantment table and getting enchantments over level 20.

There is a small bug while enchanting books and applying it to the item of your choice. It only happens to a few but sometimes it will not apply the enchantment to the book so for safety always put the book in and take it back out and put it back in again and then take the enchanted item out of the slot in an anvil. Yeah I know it is a weird bug but like I said it only happens to a few people but it is better to be safe then sorry and end up losing a book that might have costed you a crap ton of levels and time!

Well I think that pretty much sums everything up. I really hope everyone is enjoying the new and improved OP Factions server!


KasimirS Jr.ModGodPremium Mike your the best