Staff Update!

EqlipseD Owner
EqlipseD @ OP Factions
posted May 12, 15

Got a quick staff update for you guys! First I would like to personally thank each and everyone of you that have applied to be staff here at LOTG, here are the select few that have joined our team:

  • Darkcat9000
  • Nikevenom
  • Ciiarian
  • iJustiin
  • MinEric200

Some of these people have been staff for a week or two already I just forgot to post this. Derp. So here is the staff that has moved up in the ranks and has become a Mod:

  • iJustiin

With new staff highers we have also lost a few staff. Most of which have been let go due to inactivity / not having time for the server at this time. Here are the staff that we sadly lost:

  • Herbrek
  • xXDarklord9553Xx
  • Shankankle
  • xDeadlyBob

You will be missed and I am sure I am not the only one that hopes you will return to the server once you have more time and be able to become staff again and give your fullest!

Application are open right now! So if you feel you are up to the challenge and meet the requirements apply now!

*Please note that if you apply on your first day we will let your application sit for a week or so to see if you will stick around to get to know the server and learn everything about it. Please do not ask about your application either, it is more likely to be rejected if you do*


FriskierPython Premium When's the next update?


EqlipseD Owner
EqlipseD @ OP Factions
posted May 6, 15

For many of you school is ending really soon so I would like to congratulate you guys on another successful year of school and put up a 40% off sale for everyone to enjoy!

This sale will last until May 31st!

The sale will be on all items in the donation shop for both OP Factions and MineZ.

*There is no code for this it is just taken off the prices automatically*

Enjoy your summer vacation everyone and be sure to tell your friends about LOTGCraft!

- Staff

BudderIsBoss Premium xD <3 must beg perents for money for items xD
BudderIsBoss Premium But but thats the day i get out of school xD

Return of MyPet!

EqlipseD Owner
EqlipseD @ OP Factions
posted May 6, 15

That's right MyPet is back everyone, rejoice!!!! This time EVERYONE has equal access to everything that MyPet has to offer. All mobs except, The Wither, Enderman, and Ghasts can be claimed.

To claim a mob as your beat you need to beat the ever loving crap out of them with a lead, sound hard but you can easily get them down with a sword and then finish them off with the lead. *Tada*

Here are the commands for MyPet:

  • /mypet
    show all available MyPet commands.

Not going to listall the commands that are listed under /mypet so you can do that yourself and check them out there!

Here are the Skill Commands that you can use based on your Skill Tree for your Pet:

  • /petinventory
    opens the inventory of your MyPet.
    can not be opened when pet is in water/lava
  • /petpickup
    toggles pickup of your MyPet on/off
    :!: requires Inventory with at least one row of slots :!:
  • /petbehavior [mode]
    toggles the behavior your MyPet.
  • Modes:
    - friendly → the MyPet will not fight even when it's attacked by anything
    - normal → the MyPet will act like a normal wolf
    - aggressive → attacks automaticly everythink within 15 blocks of the owner
    - farm → attacks automaticly every Monster within 15 blocks of the owner
    - raid → like normal but the MyPet will not attack players and their minions (wolves, ocelot, MyPets)
    - duel → pets will attack other pets with active duel behavior within a 5 block radius
  • /petbeacon
    opens the beacon window of your MyPet.

Very easy stuff guys! Enjoy the plugin everyone!


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