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Qlimax OwnerCBT'R posted Feb 12, 15

The official release of MineZ is upon us! I will be wiping the Beta MineZ server Friday! I do not know the time yet since I have a few errands to run tomorrow and I am not to sure when I will be able to do it but I am going to go ahead and say it will be done by 4pm EST.

Since it is the GRAND OPENING I will be doing a Drop Party the next day, on Saturday the 14th, 1 hour after the Drop Party for Factions, 5pm EST just to clarify for you newbies out there.

But yeah GRAND OPENING of the server guys! It has been a long time in the making and I know so many of you have been waiting a very long time. Few words of advice though guys, READ EVERYTHING AT SPAWN. Do not just blow past everything because you will die. This server is not for the faint of heart and the weak willed! It will test you and put all your "known" Minecraft skills to the test!


[Trustee]Yams Member crap, i have two enjin accounts. I want my one with the Emerald rank on it =P
cmkbak1411 SupremeCBT'R true that beta was insane i died like 200 time or so

Mojang and name changes.

Qlimax OwnerCBT'R posted Feb 5, 15

Hey everyone just wanted to fill you guys in on this whole name change thing that Mojang has finally released. If you change your name you WILL LOSE your JOBS in-game. There is nothing I can do about it. The plugin is ancient and dusty and the dev is long gone from what I can tell. The reason you lose your jobs is because of the whole UUID system that Mojang implemented back in 1.7. The plugin only pulls by player name so once you change your name the plugin doesn't know who you are.


No I will not be refunding your jobs to you, it is a hassle to me and the admins on the server to manually do it for you, especially if you plan on changing it again.



Community Update

Qlimax OwnerCBT'R posted Feb 1, 15

Hello MineFlexx Community!

EqlipseD here with a bit of an update about the current status of our server. As many of you can easily tell we have hit nearly rock bottom when it comes to 'players online'. Many of you seem to believe it is because of the time of year and many of you are in exams or studying for exams. Whatever the cause is I do not know but due to this I will have to shut down parts of our network. The Prison and Creative server(s) will be shutting down in the beginning of February. With those closing I will be able to reduce the cost of the server, slightly, so that we can keep the Factions servers running.


The Prison and Creative server(s) are now shut down. Links for the plot worlds will be posted later this week.


This might upset a few of you who do play those server but due to the inactivity, besides a very few players, it is costing more money then it is worth to keep them open. I will be uploading the world file(s) to media fire so that you may download them and do w/e you want with them. When I said world files I mean strictly the plot world. I will not be giving out the spawn world for the Prison server. That is my work and I intend to keep it that way.

With all this being said I would like to give you guys some good news. Many of you have been waiting months upon months maybe even close to a year for this. But next week we will start CLOSED Beta Testing for the much anticipated MineZ Survival server! It is going to be extremely rough around the edges because I NEED to figure out the perfect way to balance everything to keep the game play fair and exciting! If you wish to sign up for the CLOSED Beta Testing leave your Minecraft name below like this: EqlipseD CBT. Nothing else please so that we can avoid any confusion. I will be accepting 10 to 15 testers for this.

To sum this all up for the people who hate to read, which I really despise, OP Prison and Creative servers will shut down February 1st. MineZ will be in CLOSED Beta Testing starting February 2nd or 3rd. Apply for CBT by leaving your Minecraft name below like this: EqlipseD CBT.

Thanks for reading everyone and I hope you enjoy your stay at the BEST SUPER OP Factions server out there!


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