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Should be working now. Bungee vomited on itself again.
server shows its running but when i try to connect it asks me if the login servers are down. no trouble joining any other server though.
yo u got dat shit ma main?
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Community Update

EqlipseD Owner posted Wed at 15:55

Hello MineFlexx Community!

EqlipseD here with a bit of an update about the current status of our server. As many of you can easily tell we have hit nearly rock bottom when it comes to 'players online'. Many of you seem to believe it is because of the time of year and many of you are in exams or studying for exams. Whatever the cause is I do not know but due to this I will have to shut down parts of our network. The Prison and Creative server(s) will be shutting down in the beginning of February. With those closing I will be able to reduce the cost of the server, slightly, so that we can keep the Factions servers running.

This might upset a few of you who do play those server but due to the inactivity, besides a very few players, it is costing more money then it is worth to keep them open. I will be uploading the world file(s) to media fire so that you may download them and do w/e you want with them. When I said world files I mean strictly the plot world. I will not be giving out the spawn world for the Prison server. That is my work and I intend to keep it that way.

With all this being said I would like to give you guys some good news. Many of you have been waiting months upon months maybe even close to a year for this. But next week we will start CLOSED Beta Testing for the much anticipated MineZ Survival server! It is going to be extremely rough around the edges because I NEED to figure out the perfect way to balance everything to keep the game play fair and exciting! If you wish to sign up for the CLOSED Beta Testing leave your Minecraft name below like this: EqlipseD CBT. Nothing else please so that we can avoid any confusion. I will be accepting 10 to 15 testers for this.

To sum this all up for the people who hate to read, which I really despise, OP Prison and Creative servers will shut down February 1st. MineZ will be in CLOSED Beta Testing starting February 2nd or 3rd. Apply for CBT by leaving your Minecraft name below like this: EqlipseD CBT.

Thanks for reading everyone and I hope you enjoy your stay at the BEST SUPER OP Factions server out there!


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Update on Faction claiming

EqlipseD Owner posted Dec 28, 14
Due to the recent amount of complaints I have been receiving on how enemies can open chests in claimed territory I have decided to disable that feature and make it so that you can only gain access by pillaging (unclaiming their land) or conquering (overclaiming their land) other factions.

It was completely unfair of me to set it up that way since many people have tons of money at their disposal and enemying people and neuraling them means nothing to their bank.

Sorry for the confuse that this has caused, it is for the greater good.

RusticDeath1234 Member Thanks for changing it Mike! <3 you long time.


EqlipseD Owner posted Dec 23, 14
Alright Guy got a little bit of info that I want to toss at you! Some of you may know this, mainly those close to the staff, we are going to be changing the name of our server and all that good stuff in the beginning of the new year!

The name will be changing to MineFlexx, you won't really notice the change since it is purely cosmetic. You will still be able to use our current domain, lotgcraft.com to access the website and play.lotgcraft.com to access the server. You won't be able to use those for to long since that domain expires in the middle of 2015. We will have a new website, mineflexx.com, and a new ip for the server, mc.mineflexx.com, all of which will become available in the new year.

With that being said I am sure some of you are wondering if we will have a new spawn to go along with the new name, the answer is YES! A select few people have been working very hard and long hours on setting up the new spawn/lobby for us to have for the new year. This new spawn will include the lobby area in it so new players will be directly in the faction server and can choose whether they want to stay in the faction server or move to the prison or creative server.

Alright with that out of the way I can talk about the holiday drop parties I have planned! We will be having a Christmas drop party at our new Christmas tree DP area, /warp tree, around 8:30pm EST on Christmas day, Dec. 25th. There will be lots of god items and a set or two of the December LOTG Champion being dropped!

We will also be having a drop party on our normal schedule of every last Saturday of the month so be prepared for that as well.

We will not be having a drop party to celebrate New Years, I don't even know if I will be around for New Years since it is my anniversary with Melanie (my fiance for those who do not know) 6 whole years, wow time does fly. If I am around later on in the day or w/e I will do a few OITC and Paintball matches where teams / last man standing will win a prize!

So the mush gooshy stuff is now over lets get straight to business.

I changed a few things with the way factions acts this morning because I find it to be incredibly unfair on how tnt explodes chests and leaves no evidence of who raided you making it impossible to seek vengeance. What this means is I have made it so TNT does not drop items from chests anymore, chests will blow up but nothing will drop and then they chests will heal after 900 seconds and all items will remain.

This does not making raiding impossible so before you go raging like a little spoiled brat on me listen up, I have made it so that when you enemy a faction you gain access to their chests, like we had before the wipe. It does still cost money to enemy someone so get of that, money is super easy to come by, especially if you vote that is an easy $250k each day. It also costs money to neutral, truce, or ally someone so covering up your tracks of raiding someone will be costlier now.

Also if you are raided you can ask a [Mod] or higher to check your chests with log block to see who raided you. Just don't be a pest about it, we do have a life as well you know.

WHEW! That was long... BOOM that's what she said ahem, I mean thanks for reading! I hope you all have a very wonderful holiday and get to spend time with all your family!

-LOTG Staff

P.S: December is the last LOTG Champion set that will ever see the light of day. Kronus armor will remain so don't worry about that.
xDeadlyBob AdminSupreme Just so happens, our five year anniversary was a month ago, Mike! ...
RusticDeath1234 Member Mike, if I can ask, why is it that you are changing the name of the server?
ThePowerWithinX Jr.ModUltra Mike did you mean to say " the name of our server and all that good staff in the beginning of the new year" is ...